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The Pilot

The site is located within the Fishersgate & Southwick area of Shoreham Harbour, situated on the A259, the main coast road connecting Shoreham to Brighton & Hove. The proposal will replace a former Pub and is highly visible being on a prominent corner acting as a landmark gateway to the train station and nearby conservation area.


The proposal comprises a six-storey building with a mixture of one and two-bedroom apartments, all with sweeping balconies with dramatic views across the sea. The ground floor features a café which will provide a meeting place for the local community. 


This section of the A259 provides a protected ‘green corridor’ and the proposed landscaping scheme has been carefully detailed to ensure its enhancement for the enjoyment of the wider community.

01-The Pilot-8.png
01-The Pilot-1.jpg
01-The Pilot-2.jpg
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Ground floor plan

East Elevation

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