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New Street, Exmouth

The site is a back-land development for a private developer, located in the centre of the seaside port town of Exmouth, Devon. The proposal will provide 17 new apartments and three office spaces. The proposal was subject to a sensitive and constrained context in which over-looking and over-shadowing played a big factor in the design development of the scheme. A tiered building mass was the solution with filtered and directed views from key windows over the existing context.


The high-quality development will provide much-needed housing and office space and play an important role in the redevelopment of this area of Exmouth.

08-New Street, Exmouth-6.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-1.png

Ground floor plan

08-New Street, Exmouth-9.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-2.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-5.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-7.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-4.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-8.png
08-New Street, Exmouth-2.png


First floor plan

Second floor plan

Third floor plan

East Elevation

North Elevation

South Elevation

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