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Durban Road

A small but prominent corner plot in Bogor Regis, the site sits on the edge of an industrial estate and also borders existing post-war housing estates. The client had already obtained approval for a small development of flats but approached JDRM with a desire to maximise the development potential of the site to ensure the maximum return on their investment.


We started the design process with in-depth site analysis and research of the local context. The surrounding area is run down and poorly set out with rear gardens facing onto main roads and many industrial units significantly set back from the road. All of this results in a major route into Bognor Regis that is intimidating and unfriendly to pedestrians. 


The proposal seeks to provide a high-quality building with significant active frontage to help overcome some of the existing issues with the area. The building will be read as a local landmark in the hope it becomes a catalyst for wider change and inspires a standard of new developments along Durban Road.

09-Durban Road-5.png
09-Durban Road-7.jpg
09-Durban Road-6.jpg
09-Durban Road-8.png

Ground floor plan

09-Durban Road-9.png

First & Second floor plan

09-Durban Road-10.png

Roof plan

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