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Cuckfield House

We have secured full planning permission for this large 5-bedroom new-build home on a currently vacant plot in the village of Cuckfield, West Sussex.


Spread over 4 stories, we have used the sloping topography of the site to minimise the impact of the building from the street whilst providing a dramatic, contemporary design to the rear that takes in spectacular views across the Sussex countryside.


Construction is due to start in March 2021.

02-Cuckfield House-7.png
02-Cuckfield House-2.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-1.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-3.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-20.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-17.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-18.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-19.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-21.jpg
02-Cuckfield House-8.png

Lower Ground Floor Plan

02-Cuckfield House-4.png

Front Elevation

02-Cuckfield House-5.png
02-Cuckfield House-6.png

Rear Elevation

Ground Floor Plan

02-Cuckfield House-11.png

First Floor Plan

02-Cuckfield House-10.png

Side Elevation

02-Cuckfield House-9.png

Side Elevation

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